Basil Thai Cuisine Charlotte, NC

Basil Thai Cuisine Charlotte, NC


Basil Thai Cuisine

(704) 332-7212

210 N Church St, Charlotte, NC 28202 



I have been to Basil twice now in two weeks, both times it has been delicious.  My first interaction with the hostess was not very pleasurable I went into the restaurant at 1120a and they didn’t open till 1130a. Gasp.I wanted to sit down, grab a glass of wine and read Creative Loafing and wait for one of my friends. 

Let me just say I was denied access.  I know I have a lot of nerve showing up so early and before anyone explains to me the inner workings of a restaurant, I supported myself, full time, non-stop as awaitress for twenty years.  Let’s just say good thing the food was delicious or I would have not been back.  Finally when the hostess saw fit to sit the now three tables at the door, she walked me to my table.  I sat down and ordered a glass of Prosecco, it came a little flat, I thought, BOOOOO, but I couldn’t complain, it would just be in bad form.  I drank my flat sparkling,I have had worse. 

 We started with basil rolls and chicken Larb.  The basil rolls were fresh and the dipping sauce was the perfect sweetness with a tiny kick of spicy chile paste.  I have only had Chicken Larb served chilled like a salad, this Larb,  the chicken was freshly cooked and served room temperature. Larb is usually a meat concoction of mint leaves, chili, onion, rice powder in lime juice and fish  sauce.  We also shared some chicken red curry, it was great, how can you go wrong with coconut milk and red curry? 

 My second visit I went at a more suitable hour of 1p, so I didn’t get any lip from the hostess.  We had basil rolls again, shrimp fried in egg roll wrappers and Pad Thai, everything is fresh and the heat index is perfect, you can ask for chile sauce and make dishes as spicy as you like.  I love this restaurant, I think I would go on off hours or weeknights or expect a wait, the restaurant only sits about 75 people. It is priced reasonable at lunch, with a bottle of wine our bill for two was $60, half of that was the wine. 

If you haven’t eaten Thai food, I would recommend going with two or more people so you can order a lot of food and try a lot of different items. So far, everything I have had has been off the charts fresh and scrumptious. I feel like everyone is allowed to have a bad day, maybe I could make sure I am really nice next time I go in there, maybe she won’t remember me as that customer that came in too early.  I would rather be known as that lady who drinks at 1132a. 

Basil Thai gets a 3 corndog rating.

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