Valentine Candy

When I was a kid my dad would buy us candy every year.  I was one of those people who take a bite and put it back if it wasn’t to my liking.  One year dad brought us generic brown boxes from Russell Stover filled with chocolate covered marshmallow hearts.  He told my mom and sister not to tell me there were two layers. You can imagine my chagrin when I discovered the bottom layer, this instilled my love for Valentine’s day.

To this day I am no different, I might like it for different reasons.  Let’s just say I am a little cynical.  I loathe the term “make love”, absolutely hate when people write personal ads and say they love horseback riding, holding hands and walks on the beach.  I would rather be kicked in the skull.

But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE, I mean, big ass heart, Valentine’s day.  I love vintage Valentine’s, I cannot walk past conversation hearts in a store without stopping and reading the bag.  Even just a glance, pick me, fax me, big love, true love, friend me, reach for it, hold hands, puppy love, crazy 4 u….who writes these goofy sayings?

Last night while driving home and I decided to stop by Walgreen’s and check out their half off Valentine’s day merchandise.  Some M&Ms found their way into my basket.  A little side note, always buy festive candy, it’s always fresher.  Suddenly a serious craving came over me, I wanted some official Valentine candy.  Even though I am always disappointed in those kinds of candy, but I could imagine me biting into them and feeling the pleasure of finding out what was inside.  I pushed it aside, but then I was like half off, three bucks, I can buy a tiny heart of candy.

Such a big decision, I went with Hershey’s, I figured they were less likely to suck.  I was driving home, I ripped open the protective covering and took a whiff, it smelled heavenly.  I couldn’t eat any, because sugar really jacks me up at night. But today on February 16, I will snack on some Valentine candy.  I can’t wait.  I’m sure the half off mark down will make it taste even sweeter.


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I'm a globe trottin' Southern gal residing in Charlotte, NC, who will hit the road to document your wedding. My photography style is offbeat and colorful. I like to capture people in their own element and most importantly, have them like what they see. Poprock Photography, modern photography for the budget minded.
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