Belmont Soda Shoppe

I don’t even know where to begin with my delight in the Belmont Soda Shoppe.  I went to Belmont today to meet a couple for an engagement session, I had about fifteen minutes to find something to eat fast.  I poked my head in a pizza place and asked if they served slices. No, so she sent me to the soda shop for bbq sandwiches and hot dogs.  I can always eat a hot dog.

So I head down Main Street, it is a cute little space, it’s almost like you can imagine what it looks like, it used to be a pharmacy and now it’s a little counter that serves hot dogs and ice cream.  I saw a guy with some bottle soft drinks in his hand, so I walked to a reach in Coca-Cola refridgerator and I see Sundrop, Mountain Dew, tiny Coke bottles, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush all in the bottle.  Oh my, what a big decision, so I finally decide on a Dr. Pepper, but then I get a whiff of fresh oranges and the man behind the counter is squeezing fresh oranges and then topping it with crushed sno cone ice. OMG, totally put my soda back in the box and ask for an orangeade.  I watch him, squeeze oranges for me, put a little simple syrup in my glass and then shave some ice for me and top it with a fresh orange.  It was delicious and such a special treat.

So, I scarf down an average hot dog and that beautiful drink and head out to meet my couple, we shoot some photos, walk around the small downtown, go have a bloody mary, take more photos, then end up back at the Soda Shoppe, I’m so bad, then I get a milkshake.  Also, homemade, made with love.  He tops it with a little more chocolate ice cream and a cookie. I have had so much sugar today, I think I will need to watch myself tomorrow.  I can’t wait to go back for an orangeade and I might bring a mini bottle of vodka with me.  My bride to be, ordered a cherry sno cup, no paper cones, I guess, but that shaved ice is good for everything!!!


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I'm a globe trottin' Southern gal residing in Charlotte, NC, who will hit the road to document your wedding. My photography style is offbeat and colorful. I like to capture people in their own element and most importantly, have them like what they see. Poprock Photography, modern photography for the budget minded.
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2 Responses to Belmont Soda Shoppe

  1. “Belmont Soda Shoppe | Talkin’ Trash & Drinkin’ Mash” really enables me ponder a small bit more.
    I really cherished every individual component of this blog post.
    I appreciate it -Dominic

  2. Love random acts of kindness! Thanks for your awesome comment!

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