Million Dollar French Toast

Billy and I walk up to the counter to pay for two loaves of bread at Dean & Deluca, the girl at the register cheerfully said, “$15.60”, after I made sure I heard her correctly, I asked “how much is that bread?”  Twelve dollars.  Well, this better be good.  So this magical twelve dollar bread is cinnamon babka.  I wonder if babka should be capitalized.  There’s a Seinfeld clip on youtube about babka.  Cinnamon being the lesser babka. Who knew?

I get up bright and early today to make some French toast!   I also made whipped cream, it made me very happy to break out my Kitchen Aid, really, I had to wash everything because it was so dusty.  It sits on the kitchen island shelf all sad and lonely.

All in all, a great day today, fresh brewed coffee and French toast made with cinnamon babka.  I hope Billy enjoyed it, because I can’t imagine splurging again.  Twelve dollars for a loaf of bread. Rolls eyes.


About poprockphotography

I'm a globe trottin' Southern gal residing in Charlotte, NC, who will hit the road to document your wedding. My photography style is offbeat and colorful. I like to capture people in their own element and most importantly, have them like what they see. Poprock Photography, modern photography for the budget minded.
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One Response to Million Dollar French Toast

  1. Paige says:

    Cinnamon takes a back seat to no babka. That French Toast looks like the bomb. Lesser babka, I think not.

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