Best Pupusas in Charlotte

La Caseta recently opened a food stall in Keswick Hall at the ever expanding Camp Northend, they are serving up a simple, inexpensive menu of tacos, pupusas, arepas and empanadas. All menu items are under $10. Everything is made in house, even all the salsas and tortillas for the tacos. They are the only restaurant in Charlotte serving trompo style Al Pastor tacos for $2.95 especially finished with their especially noteworthy, creamy avocado, jalapeno salsa. Their pupusas are a steal at $2.95 stuffed with a choice of frijoles or ground pork. A great value for handmade goods.

1801 N Graham St Charlotte, NC 28206 

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Photography is important when building a food blog, here are some helpful tips using your phone and everyday props.

First tip, take the photo from different angles, don’t just take one image, keep moving. These were taken with natural light in front of a window. Also take your photos vertical and horizontal, a lot of people only hold the phone vertical, break out of that habit.

Buy some bendy, plastic cutting boards for backgrounds. Or use anything you have plates, wooden cutting boards, table tops or pieces of marble or wood.


Be creative, it can be clean or messy. Try close up and center of the photo.


Keep utensils in, spoons, knives or forks.


Pick the best ones to take photos really look at the subject and cherry pick the best one.


Sometimes, common things look really cool in their wrappers. Notice the broken cracker in the pack, I should have removed it.


All these images are no extra light only light coming in from a window in the middle of the day. Make sure you move around and don’t get harsh shadows from the product or from your phone. Try to get around taking photos in the dark, food images are best in natural light.


When taking photos of vegetables, make sure you hide ugly spots and imperfections, sometimes it looks really cool, it just depends on what look you want, look at the grape tomatoes, they are fine with the stem spots showing but I turned them away, in a prepared dish such as pasta, you would want to make sure the spots were hidden.


When writing recipes, it looks really cool to write text on a photo, there are plenty of places to do this, Microsoft Word, PicMonkey, there are many apps that allow you to write text on your images. Best, easiest tips, plenty of blank space, take the image on the left or right and leave 50% space for writing.

fiesta blend (1)

When taking photos of your food, buy a Selfie Phone Light on Amazon, it is the secret weapon for all food bloggers taking photos in dark restaurants. This is when you need to aware of shadows and not seeing your phone shadow in the image, just keep moving around, if there is overhead light, move the dish to another table. You can clip the light to your phone or even hold it in your hand and move it up and down or closer to the food.

Another tip is tap your phone to focus it on the food before snapping the picture.

DSC_6271 (1280x856)

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Reunion Park Pop Up Dinner

Reunion Pop Up Dinner at Camp Northend February 7, 2020

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The Habit Hamburger Grill

California based, The Habit Hamburger Grill is opening May 2, 2019 Welcome to the Queen City. Media Night.  209 S. Kings Dr Suite 103 Charlotte NC

Images Poprock Photography



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Star Wars vs Star Trek Wine Dinner

Star Trek vs Star Wars

May 1st, 2019 | 6pm – 8pm

3 wines paired by Joshua Villapando of Assorted Table

3 courses prepared by Taylor Kastl of Tayste Catering

Cosplay encouraged | ST + SW Trivia (start studying!)

At Assorted Table Wine Shoppe in the 7th St Public Market

We will start promptly at 6pm.

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First of all we stayed at the Marriott about 15 minutes away from Willemstad, it was $15 taxi to and from, so we ended up not going out to dinner a lot because it added $40 to our total.  We did not know this, wish we would have stayed closer to Willemstad.   Food is kind of bleak.  Everywhere we went was too touristy and too average.  So during the day, I would love to have had a car to drive around more and find great places to eat.  I did research restaurants before I left so I knew they existed.

Book everything before your trip, because cruise ships arrive and book out all the cars and tours!



Fishalicious-  If you want a decent glass of wine or cocktail, most places have terrible, sugary, sweet bullshit cocktails served in plastic cups..  the kind that make you sick if you drink too much.


Walking to Fishalicious, you see the best part of town. There’s beachfront bars and restaurants along the way, gorgeous, dilapidated houses gated off.  Across the street from Fishalicious was Serafina, it looked really cool too.


We ate at Ginger (Asian/Indian fusion) one night, that was really good, if you have four people, they will pick you up from your hotel.  I know it sounds weird, not sure if they bring you back to your hotel.

Even walking by this cute little bar, I thought they would have good cocktails, no sugar, sugar, sugar.

We rented a car one day and drove around the whole island, which was amazing and made the whole trip. If you book ahead of time, you probably can get a car for every day for $30 that would save you money, to and from the airport and instead of taking tours, you could have your own car.  Then stay near Willemstad .  I would have liked to stay at the

Driving around, notice where the gas stations are, because you have to fill up before you leave so plan accordingly.

My favorite stop driving around the island was Sint Willibrordus. Otherwise known as Williwood, complete with a Hollywood style sign! There’s a little bar across the street from the sign, where you can stop and have breakfast, snack or beer for some local color and don’t forget to stop at the Flamingo Lake before entering Williwood!

There’s two large grocery stores, I would go in just to look around, because there’s cool stuff to get for inexpensive gifts, they had the best wine selection if you want wine in your room. Centrum Supermarket Piscadera Weg naar Bullenbaai, Willemstad, Curaçao

WP_20160118_16_10_44_Pro__highres what to do around Curacao


The most beautiful beach was Grote Knip on the map it’s called Kenepa Beach here on TripAdvisor



The Ostrich Farm was a fun outing



There are a few places they tell you to be careful around the island, I would read on forums.

Hiking mountain













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Bordeaux 705

I hardly ever get poor service no matter where I go, when people tell me they get bad service, I always wonder about them. France is no different from anywhere else I’ve been touristy, sometimes in hot spots you might get the grumpy waiter but for the most part I’ve had memorable servers in France. My favorite waiter taught me something that I might not have ever discovered, I think of him every time I eat fancy cheese. He didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak French, but when I signaled to him that I would eat anything off the cheese tray, he looked at me with delight and told the other waiter to tell me to put butter on my bleu cheese! Heaven! It’s nice connecting with people and having a magical evening especially in France!

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#9 Pork Bahn Mi

#9 Pork Bahn Mi

Le’s Sandwich Shop & Cafe is one of the best sandwiches Charlotte has to offer, I don’t know if it’s the desolate mall or the parking lot filled with potholes as deep as swimming pools, but when you leave Mr. Le’s with your sandwich wrapped in white paper with a rubberband wrapped around it, you can’t wait to devour it. Four dollars, why would you ever eat fast food?

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PUNKWOK Asheville, NC

If you are lucky enough to be in Asheville on a Monday or Tuesday you can take advantage of Punk Wok. Elliott Moss takes over MG Road, offering small plates of dumplings, noodles and tartare. Specialty cocktails are offered and be sure to ask about house carbonated, fruit and herb infused Sake. Worth a visit and easy on the pocketbook!

MG Road 19 Wall St
Elliott Moss @blacktablecloth
pork rillettes



chicken sandwich

house carbonated, lemon + rosemary infused Sake

house carbonated, lemon + rosemary infused Sake

punk wok

oysters and saltines

pork dumplings

papaya salad

amuse bouche

Midori Milk Greeter

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The Future is Bacon and the Future is Now.

Two things you can count on in my house at all times is homemade bloody mary mix and cooked bacon in the fridge.  The best way to cook bacon is on parchment paper (not to be confused with wax paper) in the oven.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment, make sure a little bit is over the edges to catch the grease, not too much or it will burn.  Place bacon on the sheet not touching.  It can overlap a little, place in the oven, midway through when it shrinks, make sure you separate, if the bacon is touching, it won’t cook evenly.

Bake for about eight minutes, then check on it, never over cook the bacon where it looks crispy, if you overcook to look crunchy, it disintergrates in your mouth, not pleasant.  And you also want it a little undercooked so you can reheat in the microwave when you want to use in the future. When you reheat your bacon in the microwave, it takes like ten seconds.  Very easy to overcook, so keep an eye on it.

You can flip the bacon or leave it alone, when it looks done but not overdone, place on newspaper or paper towels.

If you want to cook another batch of bacon, just place it right on the pan with the grease from the previous batch.  An important tip, place pan on stove or on hot pads on the counter and let cool, the grease will congeal and you can carefully pick up the parchment paper (over the trash can), then take your trash out so you house won’t smell like grease.

Place cooled cooked bacon in a Ziploc bag and presto you have cooked bacon, if you can resist eating the pound of hot, yummy bacon.

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