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Paul’s Place Hot Dogs

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a little hole in the wall place and having the time to stop and check it out.  I was driving to Raleigh from my parent’s house near Ocean Isle Beach, NC, I was taking … Continue reading

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January 2nd.

I thought about taking a photo of myself everyday in 2011 now that we are in the second day and I still have yet to take a photo of myself, I guess it’s not going to happen. But naturally, I … Continue reading

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I Hate the Holidays.

Please do not report me to the authorities and I hate to be such a crabapple, but I hate Christmas.  I am really an optimistic person, I understand you get what you put out, but for the life of me, … Continue reading

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Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

My mom is a great cook, there are many dishes that I love, tasty treats that remind me of home.  Sausage gravy is tops on my list of breakfast items and is super easy and delicious.  First of all, I know this sounds … Continue reading

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Kiss My Grits

No matter how many times I hear, “I hate grits.” I am really always baffled.  I usually chalk it up to they just haven’t had good grits. Southern girl guide to grits made simple. grits= 4 times the amount water … Continue reading

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Eggs Made of the Devil

Deviled eggs make me very happy and not the frou frou, newfangled kind. The basic family recipe, cover dish, church social kind of deviled eggs.  Simple recipe that follow no strict rules, if you want more mustard or mayo or … Continue reading

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