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Kiss My Grits

No matter how many times I hear, “I hate grits.” I am really always baffled.  I usually chalk it up to they just haven’t had good grits. Southern girl guide to grits made simple. grits= 4 times the amount water … Continue reading

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Cafe International

It’s Tuesday and you know I love Tuesdays because I go out to lunch with my friend Julia S. We set out today, coffee at Central, we shared a lovely French press of Ethiopian. Who knew that would set the … Continue reading

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Eggs Made of the Devil

Deviled eggs make me very happy and not the frou frou, newfangled kind. The basic family recipe, cover dish, church social kind of deviled eggs.  Simple recipe that follow no strict rules, if you want more mustard or mayo or … Continue reading

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Muy Bueno Senorita

This was one of those little restaurants that screams, “Hola Tonya! Eat here”, but I don’t because it’s on the corner of South Blvd. and Archdale, it’s a left turn before a median and you only ever went to that … Continue reading

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Basil Thai Cuisine Charlotte, NC

Basil Thai Cuisine Charlotte, NC     Basil Thai Cuisine (704) 332-7212 210 N Church St, Charlotte, NC 28202      I have been to Basil twice now in two weeks, both times it has been delicious.  My first interaction … Continue reading

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My first attempt Ribollita

You know how food memories stick with you no matter how many years pass? On an education wine trip- sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? I get a chuckle everytime I say those words, “education trip”, to Tuscany, no less, we were having … Continue reading

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B is on vacation, so we are out and about bright and early, we grab a coffee, corporate style. I know, I know, sometimes it calls my name and I don’t feel too guilty because I have a birthday gift … Continue reading

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